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Prescription Sunglasses and Goggles on display

Prescription Sunglasses

When it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun and looking good into the bargain, look no further than our range of prescription sunglasses.

We often have offers on sunglasses when you purchase a normal pair of prescription glasses.

Glass head displaying Prescription Sunglasses

What We Do

Protection from the Sun

Sunglasses protect the eyes from potentially damaging UV light.

It is important that the tint on the sunglasses is of a good quality to provide the protection that the eyes need. We can supply a variety of different tints, both different colours and different intensities and ensure that they provide protection from UV light.

Some people prefer lenses that go darker in the sunlight, so that they can use these as a general pair of glasses. Indoors they are clear and in bright light they go dark, these are called transition lenses. In the car the lenses will darken to some degree, which for many people they find ideal although others prefer a separate dark pair of sunglasses.

Any of our frames can be used to make into sunglasses, and we also have a wide range of frames which are specifically designed to be sunglasses.

We are also pleased to offer a discount on a pair of sunglasses when you buy your main glasses. This includes varifocals and bifocals. Please ask us for details.

We Also Do…

Eschenbach Lights and Magnifiers

Magnifiers and Lights

If you struggle with small print or fine detail, or require magnification for a hobby, Lorraine can advise you on appropriate magnifiers and lighting to use. If you are partially sighted Lorraine can offer you a consultation in conjunction with Sight Support Derbyshire, and provide magnifiers and lighting via SSD’s excellent scheme.

Eschenbach Vision Aid Products
Assortment of Dry Eye Treatments

Dry Eye Care

Dry eyes are a very common problem, especially if you spend at lot of time on your computer, or as you get older.

Lorraine can discuss your individual problem, which may include a dry eye assessment, and give you advice on the best treatment for you. This may include advising use of a warm eye compress and cleaning your eyelids, drops to use during the day and/or ointment at night.

Prescription Goggles on Display Head

Active Wear

Do you have problems playing sport in your specs? We can provide sports glasses, prescription swimming goggles, snooker specs….

We can also dispense safety specs for use at work or when doing those DIY jobs.

Prescription Sunglasses on Display Head

Sun Protection

Problems in the sun? We have a wide range of prescription sunglasses.

If a separate pair of sunglasses is not for you how about clip-on sunglasses, or over-sunglasses, which also help to protect from glare at the side of you.

Cocoon Overglasses Sunglasses on display


We now stock Cocoons Sunglasses which fit over your own glasses making quality sun protection quick and easy.

Why not call in and try some over your existing glasses to see how they fit?

Chains and Cords for Glasses

Chains and Cords

Do you take your reading glasses off and then can’t find them when you need them?

We have a great variety of spectacle chains and cords to choose from so that your glasses are always to hand.

Recycling Point for Glasses and Contact Lenses


We pride ourselves on being green and endeavour to reduce waste when we are able.

You can now drop off your old glasses in our recycling bin, you can also bring in your contact lenses and packaging for recycling.

Optic bottle for refills of glasses cleaning liquid


Of course, glasses work best when they are clean, so we stock lens cleaners and cloths, including our refillable bottles. Bring back your empty bottle and refill it from our “optic”.

Cleaning Solutions for Glasses and Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Solutions

We also stock a wide range of contact lens solutions so you can ensure your contact lenses are clean and safe to wear.

Our cleaning spray and cloths are also great for cleaning phone and computer screens.

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