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Trying on Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses are surprisingly comfortable right from the word go.

We are able to correct almost any prescription and many people can now enjoy the convenience of good vision without glasses.

A lot of people chose to wear contact lenses on an occasional basis, perhaps for sport or when on a night out. For this a daily lens, which is worn once and then thrown away, is often ideal. For others a lens which is worn on a daily basis and then stored in contact lens solution overnight and replaced on a monthly, or two weekly, basis are preferred. Some people prefer the convenience of a lens that they are able to sleep in, which again is replaced monthly or fortnightly.

As there are so many options are available if you are interested in trying contact lenses then Lorraine would be very happy to discuss the options that may be suitable for you and your prescription.

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Child wearing contact lenses


Contact Lenses and Children

As far as the eyes go, contact lenses can be fitted to a child of any age. Indeed in the hospital they are sometimes fitted to babies.

However I would recommend that in general children have contact lenses when they are old enough to look after their lenses and thus their eyes. It can take some perseverance to learn to put the lenses in and take them out so anyone who tries contact lenses needs to really want to wear them!

Contact lenses can be great for children. They are a better option for children who play sport and can, in general, greatly improve a child's confidence. Most children who wear contact lenses wear them flexibly with glasses rather wearing contact lenses full time. And it is important to have a pair of glasses when contact lenses aren't being used.

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